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2 Weeks

About the Course

IT2 is ideal for the owner that doesn’t have time to or lacks interest in training his or her dog. The concept is simple: you give us your dog for two weeks and we return it fully trained in obedience: sit, down, heel, stay, and the beginning stages of come. Throughout the training process you will be able to track the progress of your dog as we will send you a mid-training “paw-gress” report, which includes a video of your dog in training. Once the training is complete, we will teach you the commands and coach you through executing them with your dog.

Your dog will get from us, One-on-One personnel training, food. boarding, and care.I take only two​dogs at a time for 2 weeks and have 3 training sessions per day.Your dog will be taught all the Basic skills needed to navigate in today's society and be pleasant at doing so...  Demand is high for space, schedule your dog for the next available spot. Call for details 225-791-6743WE DO NOT TAKE IN IT2, UN NEUTERED DOGS OVER (1) YEAR OF AGE AT THE TIME TRAINING BEGINS!

Your Instructor

Larry Benoit

Larry Benoit

January 7, 2024 at 11:00:00 PM

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