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Dog Training Class Thursday Capital Heights Vet

$165.00 for 6 classes

1 Hour Per class

Outdoor Training Class for Dogs

Suitable for dogs from 14 weeks old with complete puppy vaccinations, this foundational obedience class is a lifelong investment in good behavior for your pet. Instruction covers vital behaviors, including:

  • Walking on a leash without pulling

  • Responding to a call

  • Remaining in a sit or down position on command

  • Avoiding barking at other people

  • Allowing strangers to pet them without jumping up

  • Paying attention in a class setting

    By enrolling in this class, you are committing to learning how to train your dog. Each session lasts 60 minutes, and you will have homework to complete during the week. Please note that once you start a class, we do not provide refunds. This commitment is essential for your dog's progress.

    Our classes tend to fill up rapidly and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    For your dog, please bring the leash and collar you typically use. We do not permit choke collars, chain leashes, or retractable leashes. However, we provide collars suitable for any dog. Ensure you bring plenty of soft, pea-sized treats.

  Restrooms are not available.

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