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Destructive Chewing

The mouth of puppies or dogs functions like the hands of human beings. This is their tool to explore surroundings. There are a number of reasons why they chew and it includes teeth problem, maybe because of instinct, if he is uncomfortable with the surroundings and when they finds something interesting. There are some dogs or puppies in which this habit becomes a destructive problem and correcting the problem is offering the best care and training. To correct the mistake, first of all it is required for you to identify the cause of chewing. Then you need to offer training. The only time when you can train your pet is the time when you find him chewing something. When you find him chewing, try to stop him with a command and then once he stops offer him a chew toy. Bring some free toys and offer him a new toy every time he chews something. When your pet starts chewing the new toy, praise him and reward him with some tasty treat.

There are some puppies or dogs who, after providing a new toy continues to chew the same thing. If it happens and if the chew place is a hard surface, then spray some Bitter Apple on it. If this product is not available or the behavior does not change, then paint the surface with Tabasco Sauce or a super hot pepper sauce. If this fails to work, then purchase Quinine solution (most bitter product) and apply it. It is sure that this behavior of your pet will change.


Apart from this, you can also purchase some pickling alum (very astringent).Sprinkle it on the chew spot (if it is a rug or carpet).After sprinkling if you find your puppy is not chewing, then clean the surface.

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