House Breaking

House Breaking-An Easy Way

Who amongst us will be happy with a puppy that is peeing or pooping in the house? If owners could select a skill they wish their dog to have then house broken is the most probable skill. House breaking training of your pet may be hard, but usually no one likes to clean the dogie accidents-particularly when they are in their own home.


Whether house breaking a puppy, the first and foremost step is taking the benefit of her den instinct i.e. her wish to curl up in a safe place. A crate if introduced properly can be a happy and rewarding place that can offer your pet a secure haven of its own. If you keep your puppy safely in a crate she will not destroy anything in your house in case if you are away. Remember, puppies never spoil their sleeping quarters and when they are confined in their sleeping place they will hold on as long as they can.

How can one train a puppy?

Let the puppy sleep in her crate during the night time. If you allow her to roam in your house the whole night and sleep anywhere she likes, then she will move and whenever she finds a proper place she will carry out her business. But if you keep her in a crate and offer her a choice of either going out or doing her business in the same place then definitely she will opt for going out. In this case you can get up and take her outside.


If you take her outside there is a high chance for the puppy to urinate vastly, but there are some puppies that used to start playing and will forget why he/she has come outside. And when they return home, they will remember their job, and you will be forced to clean it. Here, it is better for you to wait for some time outside and let her take time. If she took more time, bring her back and put her in the crate. After some minute, again take her outside. This time she will definitely do her business.


There are some puppies that usually go more than once. Thus, you need to observe them. Regular observation can help you in this regard. If your puppy is one of them take her outside and wait unless and until she completes her job. After bringing your puppy back to your home, feed her some treat. Within some time she will definitely need to go to the bathroom. Usually this time is not same for all the puppies but you can watch the timing gap and set your time accordingly. Apart from all these, there are other times when your puppy wants to go outside. These times includes when she wakes up, if she has eaten more, if she has played a lot, at night, etc. The only thing you need to do is to take her outside and let her on the grass during all these times.


If you carry out these processes, your puppy will find that the grass is the proper place for her to relieve and she will never do it in the house.