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                                    Our Policies

Listed below are the policies that Larry Benoit Dog Trainer LLC follows. By signing up with Larry Benoit Dog Trainer LLC, you agree to the following.


Our Policies are,

you have up to one week before your scheduled service begins to request a refund for that service. Once you start a service, there will be no refunds for that service. At your discretion in the future, you may reschedule to begin or complete the service you registered for at no additional charge, provided the dog you registered is the one you re-enroll for the same service you paid for. Days and times can be changed at the client's choice.

• All sales are final.
• Payment is due before or on the start date of the class. We accept card transactions (PayPal, Venmo, Quickbooks,) Checks, and Cash.
• Rates quoted are per dog.

• Larry Benoit Dog Trainer LLC and its Trainers reserve the right to refuse services to any person or persons.
•Larry Benoit Dog Trainer LLC will NOT train your dog without someone aged 18 and over present for a dog trainer to enter the house and begin training when doing Private Home training.

Larry Benoit Dog Trainer LLC offers In-Home services to the Baton Rouge metro area.
• Larry Benoit Dog Trainer LLC professional dog trainers teach classes. Depending on location, group classes are limited to 15 - 25 dogs so that personal attention may be given to each dog handler. At their discretion, trainers may refuse entry to an unhealthy, aggressive, or unsuitable pet for the services provided.
• We kindly ask that you understand our trainers' responsibility in ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all pets and individuals attending our classes. Therefore, if they perceive any situation where a hazard or threat to any animal or person may arise, they may take the necessary action to remove a pet from the class.
Please note that in such circumstances, no refund will be issued.

• These policies are subject to change at any time and will be updated here.

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