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A Behavioral Test

In order to help your pup get comfortable around unfamiliar people, investing in a bit of training and providing him with some reassurance can make a huge difference. Training is key when it comes to making sure your dog is well-behaved when meeting a stranger. With the right guidance, your pup can learn to listen to you and understand the way you communicate with him. With dog obedience training, you can teach your dog manners and give him simple commands, such as "sit" or "down," to get him used to following your instructions before getting things like treats. 

Basic Obedience (Group Class)

Are you looking for an effective way to train your beloved pup? With our classes, you can easily teach your pup the basics of obedience and good manners. During each 60-minute lesson, you will learn to train your dog to respond to commands such as “Sit” and “Down” and stay in the position for as long as you wish. We also offer leash skills, polite greetings, and the prevention of jumping on people and running outdoors. By the end of our six classes, you and your pup will have an excellent foundation of canine behavior. Don’t hesitate – to secure your spot now! At only $165.00 for the full course, it’s the perfect way for you and your pup to learn newfound skills. Places are filling up fast on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Sign up today!

6 Weeks!


Drop Off Training

   Not able to commit the time to train your pup properly? Start them on the track to becoming a better-behaved, obedient canine with our Drop-Off Training package!

   We provide ten days of comprehensive training at the Dog Obedience Training Center (DOTC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Professional trainers will guide your pup through up to 3 sessions daily, complete with potty training, leash training, sit/down commands, and reliable recall. And all for just $625.00

   Drop-off is between 7:00 and 8:15 am, with pick-ups from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, five days a week. Let us help your pet become the pup they were always meant to be.

Dog Obedience Training Center (DOTC)
14653 Terrell Rd
Baton Rouge, La 70816

If your pup could use some guidance in manners, our 10-day training program has got you covered!

   Through 1-on-1 personnel training, your pup will learn the ins and outs of door manners, saying their pleases and thank-yous, and focusing better on curbing any of that pesky bad behavior.    We're dedicated to ensuring your pet is polite and well-behaved, allowing you and your pet to be content. Plus, we'll be arming you with tips and tricks to maintain the commands they learn daily!

   Don't have time? We have a "register today" & "Call for details" option that takes 20 seconds! By the end of the program, both you and your pup will be good as new—what could be better?

   Be sure to schedule your pup for the next available spot ASAP by calling 225-791-6743 or click the register button See you there!

Private In-Home Training (Your House)

We do not travel over 35 miles for Private Training Services!

Let us help you and your pup take the steps towards an enjoyable and rewarding relationship by enrolling in our four-week course. During this course, you and your furry friend will learn how to navigate a loose leash walk and respond to a recall command.


   Additionally, household manners, such as door etiquette and polite greetings, will be addressed. Our classes focus on providing positive results with the goal of happy owners and furry companions.

   We are sure you and your pup will enjoy the results our classes can offer, but don't take our word for it - sign up today and find out for yourself! There are no refunds once you start a class. ($600.00) For more information, call us today.


   Do you need help training your canine companion but don't have the time or interest to do it yourself? Come to me! I offer intensive one-on-one training that covers the basics - sit, down, heel, stay, loose leash walking, and coming when called - in just two weeks!
   Your dog will get personalized training, board, and care and will receive three daily training sessions. Track your pup's progress with a mid-training "Paw-Gress" report that includes a video of the canine in action.
   Prepare your dog today to be a part of today's society: demand is high, so book your spot fast!
Call Now: 225-791-6743
Note: No Unneutered Dogs Over 12 Months Old.
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