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Q: Where do I register for a class or services?


A:  Click the registration button. A service menu comes up. Click NEW CLIENTS REGISTER HERE and create a Client Profile with an email and password. Your and your dog's information is then added. If you have more than one dog, ADD them all under the same profile. You are now ready to put your dog in service. To finish, click "pay online" or"pay later."


Q: Where and when do I pay for the service?


A: Services are paid for online or at the start of the service and location!


Q: What do I need to bring to class?


A: Bring your dog a collar, leash, and small training treats like cheerios!



Q: How long is a class?


A: Classes are six sessions (5 training, 1 Graduation), one hour each session at the same location each week!



Q: Where are Private lessons held?


A: Private lessons are at your home. There are four lessons, once a week for four weeks!



Q: How many dogs can I bring to class?


A: Each dog must have a handler to work with in class!



Q: Can I repeat a class?

A: You can repeat a group class as much as you want. You can do so even if it's been a couple of years and you want a touch-up. Once you pay for a dog, it's a student of mine for its lifetime!

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