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Private Training (Your House)


60 - 90 minutes 4 sessions


Elevate Your Canine with a 4-Session Course

Enroll in our engaging 4-session course which is held consistently on the same day and time each week.Your dog will learn to:

  • Walk obediently by your side, free of a tight leash.

  • Respond immediately to your call.

  • Be a master in the arts of sitting and lying down on command, holding these positions until your next instruction.

  • And there's more! Dogs trained via the Dick Russell Method will gain valuable household manners.

    This includes:

  • Excellent door manners, charging through doors will be a thing of the past.

  • Curbing destructive behavior.

  • Respect for furniture, keeping off the ones you prefer they avoid.

  • A promise to calm their energy levels, no more wild and uncontrollable behavior.

  • Finally, greet your guests in a polite manner, goodbye to any incidences of jumping on people.

    As an owner all you need to do is:

  • Practice and teach your dog these techniques consistently and diligently, every day using the techniques shared with you by the trainer.

  • You will receive with your course 5 weeks of Training Videos and a Training Manual to keep you up to date and on track.

  • Join us and experience the joy of a well-mannered pet. Valued customer testimonials shine a light on their positive results and happy journey with us.

    Please note, our tailored private training services are catered to clients within a 35-mile radius.

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